More great info from one of my favs! Dr.

More great info from one of my favs! Dr. A! Artificial sweeteners are touted as the best low-cal sugar substitute – marketing for them has been great! They’re sugar free, so are supposedly wonderful for weight loss & diabetics. Studies are now emerging finding that this may not be the case. Artificial sweeteners are now being linked to weight gain, more so than those consuming caloric sweeteners. There have also been links indicating that artificial sweeteners can actually be worse for diabetics than actual sugar consumption. Even drinking diet soda has been linked to type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome and obesity. And the risk of health problems can increase by drinking just one can a day! The reason is that diet soda drinkers seem to have a 200% increased risk of obesity. Artificial sweeteners are almost 1000 times sweeter than sugar, and can actually increase your cravings for sweets, not decrease them; so, it may lead to the over consumption of sugar and starchy carbs. Sweeteners also seem to trick your metabolism into thinking sugar is on the way, which causes a surge in insulin & can lead to increased belly fat. NOT the result we’re looking for. It can also slow down your metabolism, which is another side-effect I’m sure you’re not looking for!

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